Thursday, November 23, 2006

Flake Fartlek

Much easier conditions to run in tonight. The wind wasn't as strong but still noticeable.
Ran from home down along the bus way and then up Anzac Pde to Aussie Stadium and back again. Did my version of the Fartlek. That is 28 minutes because Monners was too short.

Ran 7:03 ks in the 28 minutes. Average pace of 3:59 per klm. Finally cracked the 7k mark for this session.

5000m track race on Saturday afternoon. Might finally have an official time for my 5k distance.
Just need a lap scorer.


Tesso said...

Have you changed your blog to beta? I wasn't getting any feeds for you on my bloglines. Anyway, caught up now.

So sorry to hear the latest news about your dad. Sending positive thoughts your way.

Good luck in the 5k. There's a 5k in the QLD Masters this weekend too. Funny how our track pgms seem to be so similar. I'm an unlikely starter, though might count laps for my little buddy if she decides to run.

Ewen said...

Yes, I wasn't getting any feeds either. Some other blogs are the same - not sure what it is, maybe a bloglines problem.

Congrats on your 5k PB today - hope it isn't too hot up there.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. I have my fingers crossed for him.