Tuesday, November 28, 2006

3x2k Reps

A run around the Bay Run tonight. Still 27 degrees and 60% humidity.

As I have the half on Sunday I decided to do some 2k reps.
My aim was to run 7:30 per rep.

The reps were 7:24, 7:25, 7:34. All done with a 4 minute walk recovery. Very tough running tonight. Very humid. I did a 2k cool down after the session.
Lots of people out running and walking tonight.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Easy 13ks

Ran into Centennial Park tonight with the light still bright enough to run. A bit cloudy and humid with plenty of runners in the park.
Ran around the dirt trail for a lap and then down to Anzac Pde and back home again.

Ran 13ks in 1:09:34. Average pace of 5:21 per klm.

Goal for the Central Coast Half is to run at 4min/k pace or 84:24 to be precise. I don't like my chances but I'll have a go at the PB at least if that fails.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chatswood Chase STaR 16ks

I volunteered a while back to help as the 7am host at a Striders STaR and this was the one I ended up with. I helped out the 6am host at the start and then basically run the short version of the STaR for the day. This involves taking around a few slower runners and any new ones that might want to join.
The first 4.5ks were on the Striders Lane Cove 10k course and then we ended up at Epping Rd, down along there until turning up Mowbray Rd and back up the long hill(2.4ks) to the Pacific Hway. We turn at the Great Northern Pub and head up to Chatswood and then run down Fullers Rd back to the start at the National Park. Pretty humid and cloudy conditions this morning.
A bit of helping out at the end with all the other 6am runners coming in after the 30ks etc.

I ended up running 16ks in 1:28:12. Average pace of 5:30 per klm. A very easy pace for me and ok for the half next weekend.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Track 5000m

A short walk to E.S Marks field at Kensington for a track race this afternoon.
Very warm and windy conditions on the track. There was shade for about 100m of the track but the rest was pretty hot.
I raced in racing flats instead of the spikes as I heard the track wasn't the springiest, like Homebush.
Lots of Striders running today. About 10 of us in a field of 35 male and female.
Some talent in this race with myself being lapped by Russell Chin at about the 1k mark.
I don't have all my splits as I forgot where I was up to after the 2k mark.
The 1k was 3:43 and the 2k 7:34. Bang on what I wanted but after that I lost a little each lap and finished in 19:01. Only 7 seconds outside the PB. Close but no cigar.

Next week is the Central Coast Half Marathon at The Entrance.

Edit: Correct Tesso it was 7:34. Not 8. Doh!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Flake Fartlek

Much easier conditions to run in tonight. The wind wasn't as strong but still noticeable.
Ran from home down along the bus way and then up Anzac Pde to Aussie Stadium and back again. Did my version of the Fartlek. That is 28 minutes because Monners was too short.

Ran 7:03 ks in the 28 minutes. Average pace of 3:59 per klm. Finally cracked the 7k mark for this session.

5000m track race on Saturday afternoon. Might finally have an official time for my 5k distance.
Just need a lap scorer.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Half Marathon Pace Run-11ks

Did 3 laps of the running track in Centennial Park just as the Southerly hit. Damn hard work in the 20knot wind that was blowing. Saw Guz at one stage stretching as I ran past.

My splits for the 3 laps were 14:59(4:01), 15:00(4:01), 15:09(4:03). It got too dark to do another lap in the park so stopped at three.
In total ran 11.19ks in 45:08. Average pace of 4:02 per klm. Well close to the pace I wanted but hard work with the wind blowing.

Bad news on my father as apparently they have found another black mark on the same lung he just had surgery on. How did they miss it last time? And I thought I was over the heartache of the last surgery. Here we go again.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some Like it Hot

A cool 30 degrees when I started running tonight. The temp peaked at 35 near midday so it was cooler. The sun had gone behind the clouds in the west so I didn't have the direct heat on me.
I ran around the Bay Run and it was really hot. The mouth was dry after a couple of hundred metres and I was hanging out for a drink. A cold beer would have been good.

I did a 1k warmup down to the 1k marker and then ran 3k in 11:32. Average pace of 3:50 per klm.Had a 6minute walk recovery. I then ran 2k in 7:38. Average pace of 3:49 per klm. Had a 4 minute walk recovery. Then finished off with 1k in 3:47.
I then did a 2k cool down back to the car. Felt more like a warm up as it was still that warm.

Very dry heat today and expected to be even hotter tomorrow. Supposed to be 38 in the city. Probably a cracking 40 something out West.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Recovery Run 7ks

A short run tonight as I didn't run that much yesterday. The legs felt ok so I just did one lap of Centennial Park around the dirt trail.
Pretty windy tonight but still warm.
Ran 7.53ks in 37:58. Average pace of 5:02 per klm. Nothing too hard about that pace.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Long Run 19ks

After watching the golf the headed out for a run. Headed up to Bondi Junction and then down past Royal Sydney making mince meat of the traffic leaving the course. Then ran down to Rose Bay and up Heartbreak Hill to Christison Park.
Halfway up heartbreak there is now a sign where tree poisoners have been at work so someone could improve their view of the city skyline. The only problem is they chose three trees around the Oval at Kambala girls school. The school is over a 100 years old. Whoever did this is scum. Hope the sign is still up for next years City 2 Surf so everyone can see it.
Anyway from Christison Park I ran back down Old South Head to home again. Having to run up the hill from Royal Sydney up to Bondi Junction is a killer.

Finished with 19.2ks in 1:29:40. Average pace of 4:40 per klm. Hard work with these hills.


An early morning out at Smitho with the effects of a cold still in my system. Walked over to the start with Papa Luigi and then caught up with Uncle Dave and Blue Dog on the start line. I pointed out Matthew Thomas to Uncle Dave who was 3rd at the Fishers Ghost 10k last week saying you might have some competition today. So it was with the pair of them battling the full distance. A funny sight was Uncle Dave tucked in behind the 6ft 4inch Matt to slip stream him on the way back. Classic!
As for me, I didn't feel in any rythym at all while I was running. It was all a struggle just to get through the 10k. I got to the 5k in 20:20 and finished with 40:53. Pathetic!
I seem to have had that problem this year. No consistency. One good race and then a bad one the next week. I had a good 3000m track race last week and now a bad road 10k this week. Hope 2007 can bring me better form.
It was great to see Tesso back taking on the Cockroaches and still chasing Johnny Dark in the half. And Mister G racing the half.
Couldn't stay to chat as I had to get into work for a short while. At least till midday anyway.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

State Track Relays 4x1500m

Running at Homebush for the Striders in the state relays. We had two teams entered in the 160+ 4x1500m relays. That's combined age of the 4 runners to equal 160 yrs.
After Leftie pulled out of the A team we had the teams changed a bit, I was swapped with Ray Wareham so the club could chase the record.
My team became Stephen Laws, Grandpa, myself, and Glenn Guzzo as anchor.
Steve ran 4:55, Grandpa 4:47, myself 5:09, and Guz finished off with a 4:12 to take 2nd place in 19:03.80 with a Silver medal.

As for my race I have no idea of my lap splits but the cold I picked up this week didn't help with the feeling of the ground under my feet. Just tried to run consistent and not blow out the time. I managed to pass the 3rd place runner at about the 1k mark. And then of course we had Guz as the anchor with no one likely to catch him.

The Striders 'B' team of Sparkie, Tom31, Ray Wareham and Bright Shoes have the State 4x1500m 160+ record at 17:15.71. And the gold medal. The old record was 17:56 by UTS Norths in 1997. I'm sure Striders will be back next year to defend and attack the record.

P.S Ewen's prediction of 5:10 was spot on. Now I just have to find an engraver to do the medal.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Easy 10ks

A very windy and cold night for a run. Into Centennial Park and around the grass trail and then down to Fox Studios. I then ran up to Oxford St and down past the Footy Stadium and SCG and then back home.

Ran 10.1ks in 54:04. Average pace of 5:20 per klm.

Looking forward to the shorter track race on Saturday. Two Striders teams against the world in the 4x1500m relay. Global domination!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

McKay Oval 6x200m Reps

Alone at last around Centennial Park's Mckay Oval. The 9000 screaming corporate hoardes wimped out of the Chase Corporate Challenge because it was too windy. I think it was because the beer tents were being blown over. Ok well then that is a valid excuse. They are back tomorrow.

It was 200m reps in the spikes around the grass oval. The surface is a bit rough but better than nothing.
Reps were 34.7, 34.5, 34.2, 34.9, 34.9, 35.4. All done with a full walk recovery back to the start which is 240m on this oval.
Reps were better than last week where they varied between 34.8-36.5. I don't know if we actually have a baton for the relay, maybe the old slap hands changeovers.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Timbrell Park Reps 10x500m

Another round of 500m reps at Timbrell Park. Very windy tonight which didn't help keeping the reps consistent in the wind.

Reps were 1:37, 1:42, 1:41, 1:42, 1:44, 1:43, 1:40, 1:44, 1:38, 1:42.
All done with a 1min walk recovery.

The Relay on Saturday is the Aths NSW club relays. Which means I am running for the Striders.
We have 2 teams entered in the 160+ male age group. Combined age of the four runners.

Bright Shoes, Sparkie, myself and Tom31 are one team in that order. It might be a shock to the others systems considering they all run around 33/34 for 10k and I run 39.

I have not worked out a goal yet for the race. I wouldn't mind breaking 5mins but I'll have to see how I feel on the day.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Easy One Hour

Legs didn't feel too flash tonight during the run. Ran around the grass track in Centennial Park.
Ran down to Anzac Pde and back home again. Pretty warm and windy as well.

Ran 11.5ks in 1:01:28. Average pace of 5:20 per klm.

A less heavy week again this week as I have the State Relays on this weekend at Olympic Park.
Running a 1500m this time. Should be fun.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Build a bigger trophy cabinet

The legs really didn't want to run this morning after last nights track race and standing at the U2 concert. So it was off to hot Campbelltown for the Fishers Ghost 10k Fun Run.
Very humid and a bit windy. My watch said 26 degrees at the start of 8:30 am. Some killer hills in the first lap of the 2 lap course. Funny I had to run the rotten things twice. Went through 5k in 20:40 and managed to finish in 42:12. Nothing to write home about, but I wasn't expecting much from the legs.
Met CR's Mango and Never Gives Up for the first time. Plus Lucky Legs again, who won her age group.

The best part of the day was snaring 3rd place in the 40-49 age group. Yeehah. First fun run trophy. Sarge beat me by about a minute to get 2nd.
Very hot down at Campbelltown, terrible flies. But great organisation and prizes.

That would be me with Lucky Legs, with our trophys in the photo.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

State 3000m Track Titles

A very warm and slightly windy night for the race. I had to squeeze this race in before the U2 concert next door. The race was to start at 7:15 but was moved to 7:30 when they added an extra Women's race. I was starting in the C race. I put my estimated time with the officials as 11:30 to make sure they put me in the C race. My goal for the race was 11 minutes if I was good.

They managed to pack 31 of us into the C and B races on the track.
I managed to let most of the runners race off at the start as I wanted to even pace myself through the race. I was in fact last after about 50m. I worked into the race nicely with the spikes feeling ok I ran an 81sec first lap which was too quick for my pacing. I slowed it up eventually going through the 1k in 3:38. At this stage I started passing a few runners who took off too fast, managing to knock off five by the end. I missed the 2k split but did finished under the goal.

10:57.90. 87.73 secs per lap. 3:39 per klm. With the 1st lap being 3:38 the outcome at the end is quite pleasing.
I had both Grandpa and Luke Sky Runner in my race, with Sparkie, Bright Shoes and Ray Wareham in the B race. Vat, Colin, Ellie80 and Owly were cheering in the stands.
Now for the 1500m relays next week. Might need more tips on how to race that one.

U2 was awesome and didn't come on till 8:45 so I could have stayed to watch the other guys run.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Easy 5ks

Managed to get out tonight before a thunderstorm came through with a bit of rain. Ran a lap of Centennial Park around the tarred track. Pretty windy tonight.

Ran 5ks in 25:25. Average pace of 5:05 per klm. Very easy on the legs.

I guess a go flat out strategy could be in place for tomorrow nights track race. Just hope to keep out of the faster runners path's and not look like an idiot. Oh and don't embarrass the Striders. Argh!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Easy 8ks

Ran into Centennial Park and did a couple of laps of the running track.

Ran 8ks in 41:22. Average pace of 5:10 per klm.
Nice and easy tonight. Didn't want to push hard at all.

Ran into Easy Tiger in the park after training.

The goal for the race is to run my own race and not go too hard the first lap. I'm still unsure of what time I want to do, but I sort of have 90 sec laps for 400m as the goal. Which would get me about 11 mins.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

McKay Oval 6x200m Reps

A short run tonight just to try out the new spikes.
Ran into Centennial Park and did a few reps around the grass oval. A bit bumpy the ground under foot but otherwise ok.
Felt a bit strange running with the spikes on, but I didn't really see much difference between them and the racing flats I usually wear.

Reps were 36.4, 36.5, 36.1, 35.0, 34.8, 35.8. Very consistent. As recovery I just walked slowly around to the start again, which on this oval is another 240m to give the legs a full recovery.
I had a 1.1k warmup and 1.1k cool down after the session.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Timbrell Park Reps 10x500m

Down to Timbrell Park to run these reps in the fading light and the southerly coming in with the wind and rain starting as I finished.

Ran around the park using Action's markers to do the reps. Did ten 500m reps.
Ran 1:42, 1:39, 1:40, 1:44, 1:42, 1:44, 1:40, 1:46, 1:43, 1:45.
All done with a 60 second walk recovery.

I'll probably try some 200m reps on the grass in Centennial Park in the spikes tomorrow night. Have to try the spikes before I race in them on Saturday night.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Laps of Centennial Park

Plenty of people out running before the sun went down tonight. Pretty strong southerly still blowing. Did a couple of laps of the tar running track in the park.
The circuit is 3.7ks each lap. So did 7.4ks for the session.

First lap 14:29. Average pace of 3:54 per klm.
Second lap 14:20. Average pace of 3:52 per klm.

Overall 7.4ks in 28:49. Average pace of 3:53 per klm. Nice to go faster on the second lap. I actually thought I was running slower. There was no rest in between laps, just the split and kept going.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Surf Club Swim, Board Paddle and Run

Surprisingly pretty flat surf this morning. Amazing considering the wind creating havoc off the coast. Didn't rain during our races at all.
Water was a bit cold during the swim. Expected due to the rain runoff. Nothing to right home about although I did crack a great wave in to the beach.
Went in the board paddle for some fun. Got hit by a few waves going out and couldn't get a wave coming back in. Just between sets, so had to paddle most of the way.
Run was back onto full handicap so I wasn't expecting much and it turned out that way. Pretty average run. But hey it's all fun anyway.

Of course BBQ and beers followed so I've done nothing else fitness wise today. Is this a rest day?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Flakes Track Follies

Next Saturday is my track debut at the State 3000m Championships at Homebush.
Probably be starting in the C race. Don't want to get in the way of anyone that actually can run fast.
Had to buy some spikes for the race. So here they are. Very go fast.

Apparently worn by Bekele during his many world records.

Striders Lane Cove 10k Race

The plan was this morning to beat my course PB of 39:48, which was set in June last year.

Arrived about 6:25 am to find the usual parking street already chockers. Might be a big crowd today. Turned out we had 280 runners doing a 10k on a morning that threatened rain and it did near the end of the race.

Started off a bit quick doing the 1sk in 3:35, 2nd in 7:20, 3rd in 11:20. Held it fairly steady through the hill up Scribbly gums and then the down and up past the old stone bridge going towards the Rangers Hut. Colin passed me about the 3k mark as we were going up Scribblys. Kept him insight and went through the 5k in 19:45 going up to the turnaround.
Belted past Colin on the way back down the hill. The long flat part back always amazes me as to why I don't run faster. Maybe I back off the pace a bit.

Colin and another Strider decided enough was enough and went past me about 9.5ks. The Strider kept going but Colin still left me something to chase which I managed to kick past him across the weir for a win by 2 seconds.
Finished in 39:16 on my watch and also the clock when I crossed, but have been given 39:20 as a time. Oh well.

The washup is:

Course PB by 28 seconds.
Beat my North Head time from September by 1 second, so fastest since July last year.
Second fastest 10k ever for me.
Have only run at Lane Cove 5 times and I have done a course PB every time.
46:21, 42:30, 39:54, 39:48, 39:20. Next race here is Feb next year.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

15x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

Ran into Centennial Park tonight with dark clouds above and the rain threatening.
Did the circuit of the tarred running track.
The session was 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds float.

Ran 3.85ks in the 15 minutes. Average pace of 3:53 per klm. Better session than before the Sydney Half Marathon.

It was still 26 degrees when I started at 7pm. Sweated buckets running around the park.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mona Fartlek

Ran on a flat course from Randwick up to Aussie Stadium and then back again. Did my longer version of the fartlek. 28 minutes in total. Ran 6.8ks in that time. Average pace of 4:07 per klm.

It was 20 degrees and 82% humidity when I started with a strong seabreeze blowing as well.

Legs felt sore still from the run on Sunday. They took some convincing that they needed to run a fast session tonight.