Thursday, January 11, 2007

14x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

A very warm and windy night for a run in Centennial Park. The sea breeze was howling and there was that much dirt flying around I should have worn my sunglasses.

The plan was 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off until I collapse in the dirt or finished a lap. Hopefully finish a lap would be first.

The lap is 3.7ks which is then obviously my distance. In a time of 14:26. So just a bit into the next rep.
3.7ks in 14:26. Avearge pace of 3:54. Quite speedy in the wind.

The mcmillan website estimates me at 18:24 for the 5000m on the 3000m form which would be great if I can do it and a 30second PB.


2P said...

Some nice speed in those legs over the last 3 days Flakey - but I think Mona's is going to run you down for plagiarism no matter how fast you go....


Jen_runs said...

Good luck !

KIT said...

Are you racing at homebush? We will give you a cheer!

Nice speedy session!

Tesso said...

The 30/30s are the perfect session leading up to a race, that's often what Pat gets us to do.


Ewen said...

Work out splits for that, and aim to run dead-even pace from the start. Even if this means you are last and 20 metres behind a group after 200 metres!

You can always make the last km a 3:35 if you're too comfortable at 4k :)

26miles said...

Good luck tonight Paul - hope you found a lap scorer !