Saturday, January 13, 2007

State 5000m Track Titles= PB

The race was out at Homebush and I was running in the B race. Did a 2k warmup with Brightshoes, Mohammad and a few others before the race.
I had a goal of running 3:45 per k for the race which would give me a PB, but with the really strong winds we had during the race I wasn't sure anything would work.

Started off slow I thought but went round the first 200m in 40 seconds and continued on to 84 for the 1st lap. Just settled in my place in the race and fought hard into the wind every time we came around into the grandstand straight. The 1st K was done in 3:36 which felt pretty good.
Tried to keep going at that pace but faded to run 7:24 for the 2nd split. Unfortunately the rest I couldn't work out where I was at on the track to count properly so I don't want to guess.

Anyway the finish came up in 18:38.62. A PB by 16 seconds over the 5k Road I did in October last year. Average pace of 3:43. Right on the pace I wanted.
Thanks for everyones support and comments on my blog. Very much appreciated. And thanks for everyone who came out to cheer and count laps during the night.

Oops, your right Ewen it is 3:43 per k. Now changed.


Ewen said...

Well done on the PB Paul. 5000s where you have a headwind once a lap aren't easy. I had an idea you might be on 17:30 pace after 400m ;)

By the way, that's my average pace for 5k... yours is 3:43/km!

R2B said...

Top work Flakey!

Tesso said...

Yay Flakey!!! That's fantastic, you really nailed it.

Its all a very good sign for 6ft and the Canberra 50k.

Gronk said...

Missed your PB mate ! Great time. Well done !

Lulu said...

It was very windy out there for your race so you did a great job to run your PB.

Jen_runs said...

Woohoo! Awesome job Flakey. Congratulations!