Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tempo Run 3 x 3.7ks

Into Centennial Park with the Quads still a bit sore from the Six Foot hammering on Sunday. The cricket was on at the SCG so I could here Gilly belting Sixes as I ran around the side of the park near the oval. Ran around the tar running track with it a bit windy but nothing too hard.

The reps were:
Lap one 3.7k in 15:35. Average pace of 4:12 per klm.
Lap two 3.7k in 15:06. Average pace of 4:04 per klm.
Lap three 3.7k in 14:16. Average pace of 3:51 per klm.
Total 11.1k in 44:57. Average pace of 4:02 per klm.

Didn't work out as planned as I wanted to run 4:15/4:00/3:45 per k per lap.
It is good to see the legs still have the speed inspite of Six Foot training last Sunday.


Tesso said...

You still managed to get faster with each lap, gotta be happy with that.

Ewen said...

Not bad though. You might have been a bit tentative, watching out for falling cricket balls.