Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pymble Pushover 29ks

I had notions of running at Quarry Rd this morning but late last night after the 5000m I decided to do the Striders STaR instead. The run is listed as H5 meaning the toughest hill rating of our training runs, and Bush 8ks but that was debateable. It was more like 5k.

Set off with the 6:20 group which included Sportsman, Aim High and Silver Fox who went short. And then I knew I was in trouble when the six of us left for the long distance included Six Foot stalwarts, Barney Graham, Joel Mackay and Jonathan Worswick. So Grandpa and myself were having to run damn hard to stay with them as we both had run the 5000m last night.

I stayed with them until the last 4k where they dropped me on the bush trail when I caught a stitch and had to slow up. It was a great workout for the legs,heaps of hills and some bush running. I ran 29.4ks in 2:25:45. Average pace of 4:57 per klm. Very happy with that pace.
I probably will do a run later today to make up the distance I wanted to do. Dropped Virtual back home after the STaR as he was car less.

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Horrie said...

2 good runs for the weekend Flake. Congratulations on the huge PB last night. Then to be able to back up and run a tough 29km course in sub 5 minute kms the next morning is very impressive. You have certainly built up some fitness there. Keep it going.