Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bankstown Track Race 5000m

Nine fool hardy males and one female lined up for a 5000m race in 35 degree heat with a gusty 12 knot very warm breeze. I prefer to be called from now you stupid,stupid man.
There was only Sparkie and myself flying the Striders flag today.
Sparkie needing Masters points so did the 800m, 5000m and the 5000m walk. Can he be more stupid than me. Just kidding.

Had a completely dry mouth after 2 laps and had to last another 10.5. It was absolutely horrible conditions to race in and I don't know why I did it.
The 1st k was done in 3:45 and when I realised how hot it was I just tried to survive to the end.
The rest of the reps went 7:40, 11:43, 15:53 and a huge shuffle sprint finish to record 20:00.
Lucky to even get that time. I was smashed afterwards, my face was like a beetroot for a long time, and it took a while to get the sides of my mouth to stop sticking together. Well I was 2nd in the over 35's out of 4 behind Sparkie.

At least tomorrow morning I get to run on the sand at the beach.


Tesso said...

Fantastic result in that heat you stupid stupid man.

Ewen said...

The steeplechase was invented for days like that, you stupid, stupid man!

Ewen said...

P.S. Your brain couldn't have been too fried - you got your splits! 4:10 and 4:07 to finish - nice ;)