Friday, January 05, 2007

Summer Twilight Series 5k

A short jog over to Centennial Park for this race. Course was set up by Wine Trail Runner.
Met Lulu, Wine Trail Runner, Colin, Nando, Chonky, Professor, Haggis Basher, Make me Faster. Plus I think three more.

Very windy tonight. At least 20 knots. Set off at a pretty quick pace I thought and I was leading for about the 1st k and a bit. Let Colin, Nando and WTR go past me near the horse gates.
Tried to stay with them and took WTR back about a k to go and then took Nando about 200metres before the finish.
Ran 19:23 for the 5k. A bit slower than I wanted but pretty good in the wind.

I ran a k over as a warmup and then a 1k cool down back home again. Test drove the camelbak by running over and back with it on.


Tesso said...

Well done Flakey. Looks like you guys were able to make a bit of a race of it, that always adds to the 'fun'.

Ewen said...

I hope it hasn't taken the edge off your 1500 tomorrow ;)