Monday, January 08, 2007

Recovery Run 10.4ks

Well the quads were feeling like Santa had sat on my lap for the last day rather than the other way around.
I shuffled into Centennial Park and ran down to Fox Studios and back all on the grass.
Legs felt shocking from the knee up, the calves felt fine though.

Ran 10.4ks in 1:03:45. Average pace of 6:07. I said it was a shuffle.


Don Juan said...

Good luck for the state 5km.
Have a night off speed work the day before.

2P said...

So what did he want for Christmas?


Spud said...

What no blog on the 6FT run?
more downhill training required for March, should sort that quad pain out ;-)

Jen_runs said...

Wow. Even I could have kept up with you - there is a first time for everything ;-)

Good luck this weekend!

Ewen said...

You deserve it I guess. Funny thing is, downhill ability is not a requirement at Six Foot.

Spud, there's something extensive here.

Spud said...

Thanks for the link Ewen, I have to disagree though, downhill running/training will be of benefit at 6FT. I've seen too many runners smash themselves on Nellies Glen and again going down the Mini saddle, and let's not forget how painful the last 2km down Mt George Firetrail can be!

Hit the downhills hard in traiing Flake!