Sunday, January 21, 2007

Summer Scorcher 35ks

Late afternoon in a hot Sydney town. It peaked at 38 degrees on the coast today but was 31 degrees when I headed out a 4pm. Still hot so I headed for the only place with heaps of shade, Centennial Park. Did a few different loops in and around the park sticking to the grass/sand/dirt most of the time. Just trying to stay out of the sun. Thankfully the cloud cover started to come over about 5pm.
I was cooked at the end and a bit sunburnt even though I put heaps of cream on.

Ran 35.12ks in 3:13:57. Average pace of 5:31 per klm. It was a bit slow but it was all on grass and I had a bit of heat to deal with. The wind blowing was warm so it didn't help much.
At least I can get a drink in the park every couple of ks which stopped me dehydrating.
A good run anyway. Hopefully next weekend is a bit cooler.


2P said...

Nice work in hot conditions yesterday and today - well done mate ;-)

Jen_runs said...

Yikes. Great run in tough conditions Flakey.

And yes, in parts they are steep. Maybe you can run them & tell me if having long legs helps ;-)

Tesso said...

Whoa, that's a decent run in that weather. And to me the temp may be the same or lower but it always feels hotter in the afternoon.

Ewen said...

35k sounds good to me you stupid, stupid, man.

Well done on the team victory too :)

Brendan said...

5:31 min/km, yeah right, I think I saw you and you were flying. The STaR was a good one to miss, flat as a pancake. Well done on the 35km in the heat, I bet you're thinking of entering Badwater 135.

Mat said...

That's a good effort in some seriously tough conditions.