Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Medium Long Run 18ks

A very windy Sea Breeze was blowing tonight, in the 15knot range. I ran this on a flat area along Anzac Pde and up to Aussie Stadium and Oxford St and back around the track in Centennial Park. I then did one more loop out around Aussie Stadium and back missing the loop around the park. Managed to avoid the many bats returning to chew on some fruit in the Moreton Bay fig trees around Anzac Pde and Centennial Park.

All up 18.64ks in 1:23.45. Average pace of 4:29 per klm. Hard work in the wind.


2P said...

Nice midweek long Flake - certainly was a bit windy out there tonight - nice pace too ;-)

Ewen said...

That's my 5k goal race pace! I remember those bats from Lane Cove Park - pretty cool.