Saturday, January 06, 2007

Track 1500m

Ewen was right my legs did feel pretty dead today after running the 5k last night.
Anyway a huge group of competitors lined up at Homebush for this race. Four of us in the 35+ race. haha.
1st 300m I did in 59seconds and then the rest I forgot, but it doesn't matter I finished with a 5:17 for the 1500m. Very hot and windy out west but that's not my excuse.
Shouldn't have run the 5k last night, but it was in Centennial Park so I just had to.

I'm entered for the State 5000m next saturday night. The B race should be fun to see how many times I can get lapped.
Plus all the races later with the real athletes as it is an A series meet.


Ewen said...

Whoah... I was hoping for at least 4:59 :(

The state 5k would definitely be worth a mini-taper - easy short speedwork Thursday and a jog or day off Friday. Might help you to get lapped one less time ;)

Tesso said...

Hot and windy are a darn good excuse! Not that you need one, 5:17 sounds pretty good to me.

Bernie G said...

I hope to get out an cheer you on in the 5000m.