Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jack Carter Cup

One of my surf clubs marathon events. It involves first a swim, then a ski paddle, a run and then to finish with a board paddle. I was in a team of four, with me doing the run of course.

Our Swimmer had us in 2nd spot in the teams after the swim with us about 6th overall. The ski paddler hopped on and did his section but lost a few places.
That left me 2 minutes behind the 1st placed team who I had to chase in the run. The run I measured on the sand as about 1.8ks and I did this in 8:15 and did manage to catch the other runner so our paddlers went out together. I also passed a couple of other runners doing the solo event. Our paddler passed managed to pass another one and we finished 3rd overall and 1st team again. Yeehah! Another fluffy toy, a big grey shark. A good morning before the sun got too hot.

Whilst talking to the runner from the other team that we just beat it turns out that in his day, he's now in his 50's, he ran sub 16 for 5k.

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Horrie said...

Congratulations on winning another Jack Carter Cup.They may have to rename it the Superflake Cup!