Sunday, January 28, 2007

Middle Harbour Picnic STaR-41ks

Woke up when the night clubs were emptying out the party people at 3:30 am this morning. Not much sleep at all. Try 4 hours if I was lucky.
A drive over to Roseville early as I wanted to run some extra distance before the Striders 6:20 group left. Managed to get in 9.35ks in 48:07 by running along Eastern Valley towards Castlecrag and back. Arrived back just before the 6:00 group left. Very humid so changed singlets before the group left.

Did the full STaR which meant going up a very long hill at the start for about 2ks as we crossed Roseville bridge. Then running through Forestville and into the bush for about a 2k stint down Wakehurst Parkway. Fantastic in there.
We then through Seaforth and down to the Spit Bridge and up the other side which of course is the other long hill on this STaR even going around Parriwi Rd instead of Spit Rd. Then down to Balmoral Beach with a view out of Sydney Heads with the sun rising. Just beautiful. Along the Esplanade where SilverFox said all the beautiful people run. We said we are indeed.

Then up another hill out out from the beach passing the 6:10 along the way through Mosman and Cremorne with a few short steep hills to contend with. Then it was across and through Cammeray and the old stone bridge and the suburb of Northbridge. Through Willoughby with more hills and back to the finish.
Finishing off with Horrie who started at 6:10, he said he had more time he needed to run so I ran a few more klms for the morning up another hill close to the park and back again to finish.
Jo Cowan and Langswd commented that I looked shattered at the finish and was shaking. I'm not surprised. I was having trouble standing straight and the fluid wasn't helping fast enough.
I finished the STaR doing 32.5ks in 2:37:23. Pace of 4:50 per klm.

All up for the morning was 41.85ks in 3:25.30. Average pace of 4:54 per klm. A nice effort on a Striders STaR hill rating of H4 which was the same as Pymble 2 weeks ago but these hills are longer. My longest training run in distance. Somebody get me a beer!


Jen_runs said...

No wonder you are shattered - that's one tough run!

Hope the recovery goes well. See you Sunday.

2P said...

Mate my shout - that's as fast as it was enormous - fantastic work Flakey.

Bernie G said...

Good run this morning. I thought you looked pretty good when you finished. Enjoy that beer.

Horrie said...

Great running today Flake. You didn't look like you were struggling too much on the hills every time you went past me. You are looking very good and building nicely for the challenges ahead.

Eddie said...

A very impressive run Super! Congratulations.I am sure a beer would have gone down a treat. Especially an icecold XXXX Gold.

Don Juan said...

Massive run, well done.
Take it easy tomorrow.

Spud said...

With training runs like that we'll make an ultrarunner out of you yet!
Great stuff mate.

R2B said...


Massive run there Flakey!
Thats Gold!
You should have an Epsom salt bath to help your legs recover,they will probably need it!

Again top work!

Gronk said...

Crikey, just how many KMs have you covered in the last two months ?

Well done mate.

miners said...

Geez mate - that's one serious weekend of training!

Mat said...

Huge run there! Well done.

Ewen said...

Incredible training Flake. The run out of Cox's will seem like a mere speed bump followed by a dip then a gentle rise.

P.S. There's a great bush track following the river below that old stone bridge.

Tesso said...

Hole guacomole - what a run!!! You ran a tough training run that was almost the marathon distance in not much more than your marathon PB. How fit are you!

Look out 6ft Track, Flakey's on his way!

Hope you got that beer.