Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A thrashing in Centennial Park 22ks

Medium Long Run.
Four laps of the Centennial Park running track and then out down Anzac Pde and around the SFS and SCG and back home.
Very humid with no rain at all. Stayed in the park until it was too hard to see as there are no street lights in there.

All up 22.60ks in 1:41:40. Average pace of 4:29 per klm.

Now that was hard work. Felt like stopping plenty of times tonight. Some races in the future somehow forced me to keep going.


Tesso said...

That's really flying for a training run!

Langy/Rith said...

Hi Superflake,
Long time blog watcher and first time comment. My good running buddy Tesso is right, thats some training run. The difference in speed between this an your recovery run is a good thing. Recoveries are meant for easy running, sun on the shoulders, look at all the good looking girls going the other way and relaxing. Time per km doesn't matter one bit.
Hope the prep continues to go well toward Canberra and I'll see you at the start line.

2P said...

Always thought you needed a good thrashing ;-)

Yeah what Tesso said.

Ewen said...

Yes, you don't want to have a dud race and be thinking afterwards there might have been something you could have done in training which would have reversed the duddedness.

Mat said...

That's some serious pace for a training run!

Are you running this alone?

Jen_runs said...

Yeah, there's nothing like the sheer terror associated with Six Foot to keep you on your toes :-)

Eddie said...

I agree with the other comments Super. That is a very serious training run. I am glad to hear that all is going so wellfor you.