Friday, January 26, 2007

Slippery Dip Track 6ks

Went to find a little trail to run down which I had measured as about 5ks one way with the gmap-pedometer. It was a little different when I got into the bush to find a series of dead ends leading to me having to turn around after a few attempts at bush bashing.
The only problem was the start was uphill which meant I ran downhill for 3ks and then turned around to run back uphill.

The bush trail was great this morning after the overnight rain. Very noisy with all the birds and cicadas in there. Now if I could find the track properly next time it might be a good spot for a short fatass. Because I'm sure there must be other tracks in the National park not marked. Might have to buy one of the topo maps from the govt to see if that shows more.

Total was 6.12ks in 40:00. No time this morning as I had to go off to my Surf Club for their races. Ran with the camelbak, but being that short I could have done it just holding a water bottle.


Mat said...

That sound like a nice run, even with the turn arounds. Trail running sure make you keep thinking too.

2P said...

The extra weight of the camelbak will do ya good anyway ;-)

Ewen said...

Bush-bashing is a fun way to run. Plenty of opportunities in Sydney... I used to get the UBD, find a green bit, and go exploring.