Monday, January 01, 2007

Recovery Run 10.8ks

Went out late this afternoon when the sun wasn't as hot. It was still damn humid though.
Ran around Centennial Park and down to Fox Studios and back again. All on grass/dirt/sand.

Ran 10.8ks in 59:50. Average pace of 5:32 per klm. The legs felt very heavy.

Had a great morning giving drinks to all the runners as they got on and off the ferry at the Black Stump Fatass. They looked like drowned rats when they came back off the ferry. It was really humid and the cicadas were deafening.

I'm looking to run a 1500m track this saturday afternoon. So it might be a light training week with only speed work to keep me going. Then Sunday is O Runner's secret training run on the Six Foot course.


plu said...

Have a good year this year Paul.


Jen_runs said...

Thank you soooooo much for looking after us yesterday. I don't normally drink coke but man, I needed that one. I'd still be curled up asleep somewhere on that last rock climb without it!

Ellie80 said...

Happy New Year! Good to see you out there with drinks - I suspect you attained demi-god status among some of the runners :)

Hope the rest of 2007 goes fabulously!

Ewen said...

They should be heavy after the Tourist Trot!

I can't remember your 1500 PB. Should be sub 4:55, although 5 minutes is easy to work out - 20secs per 100 metres :)