Monday, January 29, 2007

Recovery Run 12ks

How embarassing! So many comments about my run on Sunday. Thank you all.

Today I just trotted into Centennial Park and ran around on the grass feeling really good in the legs. Unbelieveable that they feel this good after Sunday's run. Must be getting fitter.

Ran 12.01ks in 1:11.00. Average pace of 5:54 per klm. A nice pace for the recovery.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Middle Harbour Picnic STaR-41ks

Woke up when the night clubs were emptying out the party people at 3:30 am this morning. Not much sleep at all. Try 4 hours if I was lucky.
A drive over to Roseville early as I wanted to run some extra distance before the Striders 6:20 group left. Managed to get in 9.35ks in 48:07 by running along Eastern Valley towards Castlecrag and back. Arrived back just before the 6:00 group left. Very humid so changed singlets before the group left.

Did the full STaR which meant going up a very long hill at the start for about 2ks as we crossed Roseville bridge. Then running through Forestville and into the bush for about a 2k stint down Wakehurst Parkway. Fantastic in there.
We then through Seaforth and down to the Spit Bridge and up the other side which of course is the other long hill on this STaR even going around Parriwi Rd instead of Spit Rd. Then down to Balmoral Beach with a view out of Sydney Heads with the sun rising. Just beautiful. Along the Esplanade where SilverFox said all the beautiful people run. We said we are indeed.

Then up another hill out out from the beach passing the 6:10 along the way through Mosman and Cremorne with a few short steep hills to contend with. Then it was across and through Cammeray and the old stone bridge and the suburb of Northbridge. Through Willoughby with more hills and back to the finish.
Finishing off with Horrie who started at 6:10, he said he had more time he needed to run so I ran a few more klms for the morning up another hill close to the park and back again to finish.
Jo Cowan and Langswd commented that I looked shattered at the finish and was shaking. I'm not surprised. I was having trouble standing straight and the fluid wasn't helping fast enough.
I finished the STaR doing 32.5ks in 2:37:23. Pace of 4:50 per klm.

All up for the morning was 41.85ks in 3:25.30. Average pace of 4:54 per klm. A nice effort on a Striders STaR hill rating of H4 which was the same as Pymble 2 weeks ago but these hills are longer. My longest training run in distance. Somebody get me a beer!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Surf Club Swim, Board Paddle and Run

A long swim this morning but the water felt sensational. Back up to about 18 degrees. Flat as a tack so had to swim most of the way as there were no waves breaking to catch back in.
Went in the board paddle as well as it was an easy out and in but bloody long. I thought I saw NZ when I turned at the buoy.
The run went ok and I managed to come in fifth which should get me some extra points.

And then on Australia Day, in fact after all of our races as you know. It was a BBQ and beers. I love it. Now I'm burnt and tired.

Slippery Dip Track 6ks

Went to find a little trail to run down which I had measured as about 5ks one way with the gmap-pedometer. It was a little different when I got into the bush to find a series of dead ends leading to me having to turn around after a few attempts at bush bashing.
The only problem was the start was uphill which meant I ran downhill for 3ks and then turned around to run back uphill.

The bush trail was great this morning after the overnight rain. Very noisy with all the birds and cicadas in there. Now if I could find the track properly next time it might be a good spot for a short fatass. Because I'm sure there must be other tracks in the National park not marked. Might have to buy one of the topo maps from the govt to see if that shows more.

Total was 6.12ks in 40:00. No time this morning as I had to go off to my Surf Club for their races. Ran with the camelbak, but being that short I could have done it just holding a water bottle.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A thrashing in Centennial Park 22ks

Medium Long Run.
Four laps of the Centennial Park running track and then out down Anzac Pde and around the SFS and SCG and back home.
Very humid with no rain at all. Stayed in the park until it was too hard to see as there are no street lights in there.

All up 22.60ks in 1:41:40. Average pace of 4:29 per klm.

Now that was hard work. Felt like stopping plenty of times tonight. Some races in the future somehow forced me to keep going.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Recovery Run 12ks

An easy run into Centennial Park and around the trail down to Anzac Pde and back. Hip felt a bit stiff during the run from the work it had to do yesterday.
Much better conditions compared to yesterdays heatwave.

Ran 12.01ks in 1:05.31. Average pace of 5:27 per klm. Very slow but couldn't be bothered to go any faster. I guess it was supposed to be a recovery run.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Summer Scorcher 35ks

Late afternoon in a hot Sydney town. It peaked at 38 degrees on the coast today but was 31 degrees when I headed out a 4pm. Still hot so I headed for the only place with heaps of shade, Centennial Park. Did a few different loops in and around the park sticking to the grass/sand/dirt most of the time. Just trying to stay out of the sun. Thankfully the cloud cover started to come over about 5pm.
I was cooked at the end and a bit sunburnt even though I put heaps of cream on.

Ran 35.12ks in 3:13:57. Average pace of 5:31 per klm. It was a bit slow but it was all on grass and I had a bit of heat to deal with. The wind blowing was warm so it didn't help much.
At least I can get a drink in the park every couple of ks which stopped me dehydrating.
A good run anyway. Hopefully next weekend is a bit cooler.

Jack Carter Cup

One of my surf clubs marathon events. It involves first a swim, then a ski paddle, a run and then to finish with a board paddle. I was in a team of four, with me doing the run of course.

Our Swimmer had us in 2nd spot in the teams after the swim with us about 6th overall. The ski paddler hopped on and did his section but lost a few places.
That left me 2 minutes behind the 1st placed team who I had to chase in the run. The run I measured on the sand as about 1.8ks and I did this in 8:15 and did manage to catch the other runner so our paddlers went out together. I also passed a couple of other runners doing the solo event. Our paddler passed managed to pass another one and we finished 3rd overall and 1st team again. Yeehah! Another fluffy toy, a big grey shark. A good morning before the sun got too hot.

Whilst talking to the runner from the other team that we just beat it turns out that in his day, he's now in his 50's, he ran sub 16 for 5k.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bankstown Track Race 5000m

Nine fool hardy males and one female lined up for a 5000m race in 35 degree heat with a gusty 12 knot very warm breeze. I prefer to be called from now you stupid,stupid man.
There was only Sparkie and myself flying the Striders flag today.
Sparkie needing Masters points so did the 800m, 5000m and the 5000m walk. Can he be more stupid than me. Just kidding.

Had a completely dry mouth after 2 laps and had to last another 10.5. It was absolutely horrible conditions to race in and I don't know why I did it.
The 1st k was done in 3:45 and when I realised how hot it was I just tried to survive to the end.
The rest of the reps went 7:40, 11:43, 15:53 and a huge shuffle sprint finish to record 20:00.
Lucky to even get that time. I was smashed afterwards, my face was like a beetroot for a long time, and it took a while to get the sides of my mouth to stop sticking together. Well I was 2nd in the over 35's out of 4 behind Sparkie.

At least tomorrow morning I get to run on the sand at the beach.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

14x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

Well today was even windier than yesterday Miners. And of course you know I can only run fast in a strong breeze. Part of why I was given the CR name I use. "You'll blow away in the first Southerly your so skinny". Well today was a North Easter, but you get the hint.

It was a lap of Centennial Park running track and it was windy and humid tonight. Small children and toy dogs were being blown over as I ran past.
The circuit is 3.7ks so I did the one lap. Managed to do it in 14:12. Average pace of 3:50 per klm.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Flake Fartlek

A very windy Centennial Park greeted me tonight. Heaps of people out running and walking around the park. The wind was that strong that at times I felt like I was running on the spot. Very ugly.

Managed to almost complete two laps of the circuit. Ran 7.02ks in 28 mins. Average pace of 3:59 per klm. Just made it under the 4min ks. Yeehah!

Thinking of doing the 5000m at Bankstown on Saturday afternoon. May depend on how hot it gets out West at 4pm on whether I do it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Medium Long Run 18ks

A very windy Sea Breeze was blowing tonight, in the 15knot range. I ran this on a flat area along Anzac Pde and up to Aussie Stadium and Oxford St and back around the track in Centennial Park. I then did one more loop out around Aussie Stadium and back missing the loop around the park. Managed to avoid the many bats returning to chew on some fruit in the Moreton Bay fig trees around Anzac Pde and Centennial Park.

All up 18.64ks in 1:23.45. Average pace of 4:29 per klm. Hard work in the wind.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Recovery Run 12ks

A nice pleasing recovery run in the park. A nice breeze blowing, plenty of people out running. Its all good.
Ran around the outside fence of Centennial Park down to Anzac Pde and then back again. There must have been a teenage pimps and whores party on somewhere near tonight. Well, just judging the trashy looks that most of the people I ran past looked like. Short skirts and high heels with overdone makeup. Hang on maybe mardi gras is early!

Anyway I ran 12.54ks in 1:09:20. Average pace of 5:31 per klm. Much better speed for my recovery run compared to last week after Six Foot training.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

An afternoon run in the park 13ks

After doing a bit of work and recovering a bit from the run this morning I headed out for a run late this afternoon in Centennial Park. The sun still had a bit of bite. 23 degrees but felt hotter due to the 60% humidity.

Ran a couple of laps around the Outside fence on the dirt trail. Covered 13.54ks in 1:17:43. Average pace of 5:44 per klm. The legs and right hip felt pretty stiff whilst doing the run.

That's it folks nearly 43ks for the day. All good training for Six Foot and Canberra 50k.
Now I'm sleepy.

Pymble Pushover 29ks

I had notions of running at Quarry Rd this morning but late last night after the 5000m I decided to do the Striders STaR instead. The run is listed as H5 meaning the toughest hill rating of our training runs, and Bush 8ks but that was debateable. It was more like 5k.

Set off with the 6:20 group which included Sportsman, Aim High and Silver Fox who went short. And then I knew I was in trouble when the six of us left for the long distance included Six Foot stalwarts, Barney Graham, Joel Mackay and Jonathan Worswick. So Grandpa and myself were having to run damn hard to stay with them as we both had run the 5000m last night.

I stayed with them until the last 4k where they dropped me on the bush trail when I caught a stitch and had to slow up. It was a great workout for the legs,heaps of hills and some bush running. I ran 29.4ks in 2:25:45. Average pace of 4:57 per klm. Very happy with that pace.
I probably will do a run later today to make up the distance I wanted to do. Dropped Virtual back home after the STaR as he was car less.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

State 5000m Track Titles= PB

The race was out at Homebush and I was running in the B race. Did a 2k warmup with Brightshoes, Mohammad and a few others before the race.
I had a goal of running 3:45 per k for the race which would give me a PB, but with the really strong winds we had during the race I wasn't sure anything would work.

Started off slow I thought but went round the first 200m in 40 seconds and continued on to 84 for the 1st lap. Just settled in my place in the race and fought hard into the wind every time we came around into the grandstand straight. The 1st K was done in 3:36 which felt pretty good.
Tried to keep going at that pace but faded to run 7:24 for the 2nd split. Unfortunately the rest I couldn't work out where I was at on the track to count properly so I don't want to guess.

Anyway the finish came up in 18:38.62. A PB by 16 seconds over the 5k Road I did in October last year. Average pace of 3:43. Right on the pace I wanted.
Thanks for everyones support and comments on my blog. Very much appreciated. And thanks for everyone who came out to cheer and count laps during the night.

Oops, your right Ewen it is 3:43 per k. Now changed.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

14x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

A very warm and windy night for a run in Centennial Park. The sea breeze was howling and there was that much dirt flying around I should have worn my sunglasses.

The plan was 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off until I collapse in the dirt or finished a lap. Hopefully finish a lap would be first.

The lap is 3.7ks which is then obviously my distance. In a time of 14:26. So just a bit into the next rep.
3.7ks in 14:26. Avearge pace of 3:54. Quite speedy in the wind.

The mcmillan website estimates me at 18:24 for the 5000m on the 3000m form which would be great if I can do it and a 30second PB.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Flake Fartlek

A very busy running track in Centennial Park tonight. Heaps of people out walking and running with dogs etc.. Very windy with the north east sea breeze blowing hard.

The plan invloved 2x120sec, 2x90sec, 4x60sec, 4x30sec,4x15sec. Each with equal float recoveries.
Pushed the efforts really hard and the floats were not that slow either.

Covered 7.1ks in the 28 minutes. Average pace of 3:56 per klm. Finally cracked the 4min ks for the fartlek. Very happy about that.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tempo Run 3 x 3.7ks

Into Centennial Park with the Quads still a bit sore from the Six Foot hammering on Sunday. The cricket was on at the SCG so I could here Gilly belting Sixes as I ran around the side of the park near the oval. Ran around the tar running track with it a bit windy but nothing too hard.

The reps were:
Lap one 3.7k in 15:35. Average pace of 4:12 per klm.
Lap two 3.7k in 15:06. Average pace of 4:04 per klm.
Lap three 3.7k in 14:16. Average pace of 3:51 per klm.
Total 11.1k in 44:57. Average pace of 4:02 per klm.

Didn't work out as planned as I wanted to run 4:15/4:00/3:45 per k per lap.
It is good to see the legs still have the speed inspite of Six Foot training last Sunday.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Recovery Run 10.4ks

Well the quads were feeling like Santa had sat on my lap for the last day rather than the other way around.
I shuffled into Centennial Park and ran down to Fox Studios and back all on the grass.
Legs felt shocking from the knee up, the calves felt fine though.

Ran 10.4ks in 1:03:45. Average pace of 6:07. I said it was a shuffle.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Track 1500m

Ewen was right my legs did feel pretty dead today after running the 5k last night.
Anyway a huge group of competitors lined up at Homebush for this race. Four of us in the 35+ race. haha.
1st 300m I did in 59seconds and then the rest I forgot, but it doesn't matter I finished with a 5:17 for the 1500m. Very hot and windy out west but that's not my excuse.
Shouldn't have run the 5k last night, but it was in Centennial Park so I just had to.

I'm entered for the State 5000m next saturday night. The B race should be fun to see how many times I can get lapped.
Plus all the races later with the real athletes as it is an A series meet.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Summer Twilight Series 5k

A short jog over to Centennial Park for this race. Course was set up by Wine Trail Runner.
Met Lulu, Wine Trail Runner, Colin, Nando, Chonky, Professor, Haggis Basher, Make me Faster. Plus I think three more.

Very windy tonight. At least 20 knots. Set off at a pretty quick pace I thought and I was leading for about the 1st k and a bit. Let Colin, Nando and WTR go past me near the horse gates.
Tried to stay with them and took WTR back about a k to go and then took Nando about 200metres before the finish.
Ran 19:23 for the 5k. A bit slower than I wanted but pretty good in the wind.

I ran a k over as a warmup and then a 1k cool down back home again. Test drove the camelbak by running over and back with it on.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

McKay Oval 7x200m Reps

Jogged over to McKay oval in Centennial Park to do some reps in my spikes on the grass. Quite windy with the North Easterly sea breeze still blowing hard. Not a cloud in the sky, which was good.

The reps were 33.2, 33.2, 33.9, 34.3, 34.2, 34.5, 34.1. All done with a 230m walk recovery around the oval on the grass. Not as good as I'd hoped but I'm not exactly tapering for anything.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

14x 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off

A lap of Centennial Park running track tonight. Quite windy with the sea breeze still blowing.
Tried to get the legs to run a bit faster doing 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, etc...

The track is 3.7ks and I managed that in 14:30. Ok 14 and a half. Average pace of 3:55 per klm.

The legs felt pretty heavy after doing the hill reps last night. Anyway tomorrow I'll probably dig the spikes out and have a bash with them on the oval.

And Ewen the PB was 5:09 from the relay for the 1500m. Since I have no pressure and no team mates to let down I'll just go as hard as I can at Homebush on Saturday.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Recovery Run 10.8ks

Went out late this afternoon when the sun wasn't as hot. It was still damn humid though.
Ran around Centennial Park and down to Fox Studios and back again. All on grass/dirt/sand.

Ran 10.8ks in 59:50. Average pace of 5:32 per klm. The legs felt very heavy.

Had a great morning giving drinks to all the runners as they got on and off the ferry at the Black Stump Fatass. They looked like drowned rats when they came back off the ferry. It was really humid and the cicadas were deafening.

I'm looking to run a 1500m track this saturday afternoon. So it might be a light training week with only speed work to keep me going. Then Sunday is O Runner's secret training run on the Six Foot course.