Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dee Why Dash STaR 30ks

Left home at 5:30am for the drive over to Dee Why and their were stars out and it wasn't raining. Arrive at 6:00 am to discover a howling 30knot westerly breeze and freezing rain.

There were no usual suspects for the 6:10 or the 6:20 starts today.

O Runner and I with 3 others set off very quickly at 6:10 and kept moving at a fairly good pace.
There was almost no conversation between the 5 of us,due to the howling wind and rain up till a drink stop at about 6ks.
I told the guys to keep going as I had to find a toilet in the school we stopped at. Found one eventually.

I passed the MTG going up the hill to Belrose out of Oxford falls.
I proceeded to chase down O Runner, which took some doing as I had a 5min stop for the toilet.

I passed a couple of runners who started at 6:00 am just at the junction of Forest Way and Warringah Rd. Proceeded down Allambie Rd and finally saw O Runner. Took me about 13ks to catch him again.

Kept running down the hill and out to Queenscliff lagoon where we saw some 6:00 starters who managed mostly to stay ahead of us till the end.
It mainly rained the first 5ks and then a few cold showers again from the 20k mark until the end.
I commented to O Runner that I hadn't seen the 6:20 group but he said they left early and came past when we first stopped. I don't blame them for leaving early. It was cold at the start.

Ran 30ks exactly for the morning in a time of 2:28:23. Average pace of 4:56 per klm.
Ran this in late January on a windless day in 2:31. So a lot fitter than then.


Horrie said...

You may be fitter than January Superflake but I think I managed to hold you back a few minutes that day.

Dave said...

Good post and a good run superflake!

I reckon the reason there was no conversation early was because everyone had chattering teeth from the cold. I wondered how long it would take you to haul me in.

Those buggers from 6am just hovering in front of us were frustrating, at least we had a chance to have a bit more of a talk as we came back through the beaches, that hill up to Dee Why was hard, as usual.