Saturday, July 30, 2005

Injury news fit to run

Saw the physio this morning straight after CR 5K challenge starting duties.

The doctor is pretty sure it is not a stress fracture as the area of pain is between the fibula and tibia bones in the lower leg.

The doctor said I was tight from my lower back, glutes, calf and into my foot.
May be also related to having a sore hip recently. After he massaged a few areas the pain did decrease which is good.

Anyway, he said rest for a week and do three lots of exercises each day to try and loosen up other muscles to take the pressure off the sore point. Phew!

Have to see him Wednesday, but hopefully I will be right to run Striders next Sat.
If not I will be punching C2S start line for sure. Yeehah!


Spud said...

Great news Flake, take it easy and then go kill 'em at CTS!

Horrie said...

That's great news Superflake. I got your message at around 22km into our run today and it took me a while before I realised it was from you. Mate, just take it easy so you head into C2S feeling fit and fresh.

Prof said...

Great to hear Flake, although you did make a mighty fine starter yesterday! Looking forward to saturday, or at least C2S...