Sunday, July 31, 2005


Three sets of exercises I have to do every day just to get the leg better to run on.

One works the lower back by being in the push up position and then not moving the bottom half of my body. Works the lower back.

Another involves putting one leg square across the other knee then pulling the knee towards my chest. Works the glute muscle hard.

The last is lying on my side with knees bent but with my legs raised from the knee down. I then have a hand on my hip to stop it from moving out. I then have to open and close my knees. This works the glute muscle again plus my hamstring a bit. This was the important one.

Plus I have to keep icing the leg and using nurofen gel.


Luckylegs said...

I know the first two exercises,Superflake; must try the last one also... lower back & glutes my area of aches too. Hope to see you flying at the C2S!

AuntyK said...


Thanks for the lift on Saturday morning at the challenge, I really enjoyed cheering from the car :)

Sounds as though if you follow the Physio's advice, you will be sorted out very quickly... this is good news!!

See you soon,