Monday, July 25, 2005

Recovery Run 13ks

Don't know what I'm recovering from as the race was only 11ks yesterday and not a 30k training run.

Ran my usual course around Centennial park outside, up to oxford st, and then down to fox studios and Anzac pde and then back again.
I thought I said Hi to Amjan up on Oxford St, Not sure it was dark and the car lights were glarey.

Felt very warm out tonight.

Ran 13ks in 1:05:29. Average pace of 5:02 per klm.


vat_man said...

The thing about the S2S was that it was a pretty constant downhill and very fast, so the same muscles were exposed to fairly high levels of stress. I noticed a bit of stiffness, and SW assigned me two recovery days.

Amjan said...

Well, my take on it (headphones in) was that I said hi very loudly and you snubbed me! I accept your version, however.

Superflake said...

Thanks Vat. Legs feel pretty good actually. I like the downhills.
I usually only wave to runners going past and realised too late that it might have been you. Sorry.