Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sutherland to Surf 11k race

Arranged to meet Horrie and O Runner and Sportsman near the finish so we could get up to the start on time. Sorry forgot to tell Horrie the pickup spot had moved slightly.

The start was a bit cool being 7 degrees. Met a few other CR's near the start. Prof, found Horrie, Nando,Vat_Man. Vat to me was strangely back a fair way from the line.

I realised the people in front of the line were not moving back so pushed my way a bit further forward to get a clean start. Just avoided a kid going down near me in the 1st 50m.

I wasn't looking at my watch during the race so just ran on how I felt and tried to hold my place once the frenetic start had settled down.
The first marker I saw, I was looking on the ground not realising they were up poles, was the 7k and went through that in 26:10. Must have been a fast start.

At about the 9k mark I noticed a familiar runner about 300m ahead. Blue Dog.
It took all my energy to reel him in and at the Northies cnr he had about 30metres on me.
Kept the same distance until the crowd in the uphill carpark near the finish spurred me on and I got him at the top of the carpark.
I have a good finishing kick sorry Dog.
I thought the turn for home was right there only to find out I had another 200m before turning right for the last 100m.
Managed to knock off about 4 striders in the last 500m. Super series points. Missed too many events anyway.

Finished in a time of 41:48. Average pace of 3:48 per klm. This would give me a 38:00 10k which would be a 1:11 PB. Very happy with that pace. Was aiming for sub 42m.

The course is fairly downhill but there are still at least half a dozen good uphills in it to make it interesting.
Good to see Horrie,Professor and O Runner running 45-46mins which gets them close to the sub 40's in the near future.
Congrats to Guzzo for a close second to Scott Westcott.

Next race Bay run 7k July 31st.


Horrie said...

Very fast run from you Superflake. Another victory over the dog will only get him going harder next time. It's all good.

Blue Dog's Mum. said...

Yeh, well done on beating my son.
That's about victory # 3 for you, and that's three too many.
It'll be a long time before you have to start counting victories on your toes.