Friday, July 29, 2005

Pain in the leg

Well, leg feels worse. It feels like I am lugging one of those ankle weights around but only on one leg.
I have an appointment with physio booked for Saturday morning.

All races maybe off until City 2 Surf. But will wait and see what the doctor says.

Hopefully good news.


Blue Dog's Mum said...

It is very rare that anyone can beat my son and remain healthy.
I guess the strain was too much for you, sorry about the injury.

plu said...

Take it easy Superflake not least because of Blue Dogs Mum. Cheers Plu

Horrie said...

Hopefully it isn't too serious and you recover quickly Superflake. Especially after all your good recent form.

Dave said...

Gee, I really do not like the sound of that superflake.

Fingers crossed it's not anything serious and you get to duel it out with the dog at C2S