Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday Long Run 27ks

With too many beers watching the Rugby last night I completely missed the STaR this morning.
Started out on my own at about 10 am.

It was a case of beaches and bays for this run. So hills, hills and more hills.
Ran from my place at Randwick over the hill to Coogee, up out of Cooge to Bondi Junction and then down into Bondi Beach.
I then ran up Military Rd out of Bondi to Christison Park where we turn for the C2S.
Then it was off down Heartbreak Hill to Rose Bay and onward to Double Bay.
Then ran up Ocean St to Centennial Park and did a lap of the track to finish off the morning.

Ran 27:30ks in 2:19:55. Average pace of 5:07 per klm. A bit slow, but it does have plenty of hills on this run. Would much rather have had the company of running a STaR though.

And the view of the harbour and ocean today was superb. Felt like summer. Yachts everywhere.

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Wobbly man said...

Sounds like a really picturesque run - it must have been fun!