Saturday, July 02, 2005

Striders Homebush 10k race PB 39:11

Out to Homebush for this race. Arrived to the carpark at 6:30 which I though was the closest one. Found out I had missed the turn and parked on the other side of the big hill across the bridge. Luckily other runners were walking to the start, so I followed them.

The start was a bit congested as we found ourselves walking back a 100m as we had lined up too far forward of the start line.
Had a good start, a few puddles needing to be avoided around the Wentworth Common for the first 800m. And then it's back out around part of the homebush bikeways and parking lots until we head back around the common and do it again.

No Polar with me so splits in the head.

3:53 1k, 7:43 2k, 11:38 3k, 15:30 4k, 19:27 for 5k. The first lot felt really good. Didn't feel like I was running too fast.
23:30 6k, 27:33 7k, 31:30 8k, 35:30 9k, 39:11 to finish giving 19:44 for the second 5k not good.

So that's a new PB of 39:11, after taking 37seconds off from last month at Lane Cove.

My thoughts on the run were that although I ran a PB I did not think I was running that fast.
I am disappointed in that I kept pushing under 4min ks until the 5k I then only ran at 4min ks or over until the 3:41 last k.
I didn't think I started too quick. I don't think my running was as relaxed as it can be.
Something to work on this month.

Glenn Guzzo won the mens(30:40) with Charlotte Paul(36:xx) winning the womens race.

Congratulations to Vat_Man who ran 36:29-36:31. Awaiting final time. But a big 38second PB and possibly C2S prefferred start.
And Keith Bateman who ran 33:40 for a 30second PB. He said he can't wait for track season.


Carolyne said...

An excellent result SF.

I understand how you mt be as satisfied with your run as you might have been. It seems that maybe you let your mind wander / slow over the final k's.

Good Luck on the C2S preferred start!

Horrie said...

Another great run today Superflake.

You are on the improve and going from strength to strength.

The good news is you feel as though you can run faster.

Spud said...

Smokin Superflake,

you were pretty relaxed before the race, paid off with a well paced run mate.