Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 Goals

The purpose toward which an endeavour is directed; an objective.

Hard to work out what I wanted for 2006 as the second half of 2005 knocked me about with the two stress fractures.
It really meant I had to decide if I wanted to have a crack at Canberra Marathon as a time goal or lower my sights and finish with a time that I would be happy with.
Can't hide now since I have a blog so it is all out there anyway.
These are in no particular order or preference just goals.

1. Sub 3hr Marathon at Canberra if not just PB it which would be under 3:16:32 and qualify for Boston Marathon(under 3:20 for age at start 2007).
2. Sub 4min per k Marathon at the Gold Coast.
3. Sub 4 min per k Half Marathon (current PB of 87:16).
4. Sub 38 min 10k. (current PB of 39:11).
5. Sub 18 min 5k (current PB of 19:03).
6. Win one of my Surf Clubs trophies. March 5th is deadline.
7. Yet again Sub 55 min City to Surf.
8. Fitzroy Falls Marathon on the road to the Dark side that is Six Foot 2007 and that has it's own blog.
9. Run Cross Country for the Striders during winter. I'm assured more slow old buggers are needed. haha.
10. Run for fun because there is nothing else.

I would say most of these goals are achieveable. The 4min/k Marathon is definitely the hardest but you need at least one goal that is way out there.


Jen_runs said...

You are right - there is nowhere to hide in blogland..although sometimes I really wish there was !

Clairie said...

Excellent goals there Superflake. I will enjoying reading/watching you meet them one by one.

Are you going to be more stationery this year or will you still be all over the country for work?

KIT said...

Definately helps to have them down.. or said out loud! Can't deny them now :-) It will be fun following your journey!

Johnny Dark said...

Looks like 2006 won't be a year where you die wondering about what might have been.

Stride boldly Paul.


Tesso said...

Wow, such exciting goals! Fantastic stuff.

No wonder they call you Superflake :-)