Monday, January 02, 2006

Run 30 mins

The program was to run for 30 minutes.

Did this after getting back from my surf club and having a lunch of beers and a barbie.

Ran into Centennial Park this afternoon. Very humid and about 23 degrees.

Got through exactly 6ks in the 30 minutes. So much for good pacing.


mikepower said...

A run after a few beers is never easy! haha. Hope your New Year brings you success.

Jen_runs said...

Running AFTER beers? Wow, now that's dedication.

Nice work :-)

KIT said...

With the humidity you would have sweat that beer straight out again :-) Good excuse for another!!

Horrie said...

Things are coming along well for you Flake. A couple of good runs, even though you have been enjoying the festivities.