Sunday, January 22, 2006

Jack Carter Cup

Just the name of the event that my surf club held this morning.
It involves firstly a swim, a ski paddle, a run and then a board paddle.
The swim is about 1.5ks, the ski about 5ks, the run maybe 3ks and then the board paddle about 4ks.
The recognised winner is the first across the line doing it solo, but you are allowed to enter teams.

They decided to start the teams about 5 mins after the solo competitors went.
My teams swimmer still managed to come out of the water 5th overall. The ski paddler did his leg and we still had not gained much ground. Probably further back. Starting the run I had about 300m to catch the guy in 4th overall. I caught him with about 500m left of my run and then passed to our board paddler.
The board paddler chased and caught the 3rd place paddler and we ended up finishing as the 1st team and 3rd overall. The awards for us as the 1st team were fluffy toys. I'll take any trophy thanks. It was a black Panther. Cool!

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Tesso said...

Well done Flakey. Hope you're a Panthers supporter.