Monday, January 02, 2006

Surf Club Swim and Run

Decidely different conditions from Sunday. A pretty big swell coming onto the beach made for a very choppy swim. Swim was not too long in wet humid conditions. Still need a lot of practice or is just that I'm trying to get a better handicap?

As the tide was high and the swell big the hard sand conditions from Sunday had changed a faie bit as the waves were constantly washing over our feet as we ran to Black Rock and back.

After my win yesterday I had been given a bigger handicap so was now off 60 seconds with my nearest rival in the comp off 65 seconds.
A couple were off a dubious scratch handicap which gave me no hope of catching them. In the end I did get third with the two off scratch getting 1st and 2nd. My rival came in 4th which means after the weekend I am now 3 points ahead in the run after 8 rounds and only four rounds to go for the season. Timed the run as 2:49. Which was pretty fast with the soft wet sand we had today.
Next race is Australia Day which will mean a run in the OZ Day fun run and then up to my surf club straight after.

BBQ was on afterwards which I had to buy beers for as I won yesterday. BBQ and beers and a surf movie tonight. It's all good mate!

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KIT said...

Very nice flake!!! That is a great result... especially when the two in front had dodgy handicaps! I am going to aim for the Australia day run too!