Saturday, January 28, 2006

CR 5K Challenge

My first trip around the bay running since Jan 2005. A that stage I ran 19:03 for the 5k which is still my PB as I have not run a 5k since.

This morning was very humid and it looked like I would be off on my own starting at 20 minutes until Colin turned up.
Took off ok chasing a big pack of about 10 at the 21 minute mark. Went through the 1st k in 3:50 still hanging with Colin. Managed to hold on close till about 2k mark before he gradually pulled away.
I just tried to maintain my form and keep the pace I was travelling at steady. The 3-4k was hard as we ran straight back into the North East breeze that had blown up.
I eventually managed to reel a few of the 21 minute group in and finished with a 20:10.

Pretty happy to get close to 4 minute ks. Can't expect a lot as I have no speed work in my legs at all.
Runners this morning included Tesso, Johnny Dark, Chunderbolt, Blue Dog, Don Juan, Andrew T, Luke Skyrunner, Boof, Firehorse, Wild Thing, sfGnome, Springer, Eagle, Colin and Paul Arthur.
Edit: And Kit!
I then ran back to the start in 29 mins. All up 10ks for the morning. Looks frightening for Lane Cove next week. Best learn to run like a Kenyan, no fear.


KIT said...

Good run this morning!! Imagine what a bit of speed in the legs would do! Ahhhh to dream :-)

Clairie said...

Wow 20:10 that is a great run...who needs speedwork when you have natural talent :)

Well done are going to do well at Lane Cove next weekend I feel.

KIT said...

Hahaha... thanks for the edit :-) I just thought I must have run so fast you did not see me :-)

go girl said...

Well done Superflake on the comeback 5km Challenge.

It was nice to meet you at the Aus Day run on Thurday and I may just head out to a few of the striders 10km runs too.