Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rest Day again

Had to work this morning. And all I did this afternoon since it was a hot 28 degrees here was buy some new running shoes.

I have bought some racing flats. A pair of Asics Gel Magic Racers.

Will probably only use them for races up to 10ks and to do Speed Sessions in them.
Very light shoes. They are not in go fast colours which is disappointing. Predominantly white.

I have a race on the sand early tomorrow morning as part of a team. The race involves about a 2k swim, a 5k Ski paddle, a 4k(?) run and then a 4k board paddle.
I'm doing the running part of course which involves going along a sandy track first and the up over a sand hill before running back along the beach to tag the board paddler. The trophy is actually only for the people who do it solo. But the first three teams get recognition for their efforts.
We should do ok with one of the best swimmers and board paddlers in our club in the team. Not sure of the ski paddler and just me running. Plus I do have to run for 55 minutes tomorrow as well.

1 comment:

Tesso said...

Who needs fast colours when you have Magic shoes:-)

Good luck in the race tomorrow!