Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Run 45 Minutes

A very, very humid night of 26 degrees when I started and 80% humidity plus a really strong 20knot southerly blowing.
Ran into Centennial Park with a darkening cloud and rain beginning to fall.

The program tonight was for 45 minutes. Due to crap conditions, mostly from the wind I only got through 9.8klms. I was hoping at least to get to 10ks.

In the last 10 minutes I was absolutely drenched by the rain. Quite hard to run in when it became really heavy.

Anyway back to the gym/pool tomorrow.

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Brendan said...

Paul, 9.8km in 45min in that heat and humidity is a bloody good effort. Wish I could do that. Might be moving back to Clovelly, after three years in Melbourne, soon so I'll look you up when (and if) that happens. Cheers, Brendan