Sunday, January 22, 2006

Run 55 Minutes

Today is the last day officially of the Pfitzinger program I started 7 weeks ago. Whilst it was a return to running program it can vary in length depending on how you feel. My left leg feels like it is back to normal, which was the original one that I hurt. The right leg on the other hand some days has no pain and on other days I wonder if I will run without pain again.

Enough crap. Ran late this afternoon around Centennial Park on the grass edge up to Queens Park and then up to Oxford St. Then along Oxford St and down to Fox Studios. Along Fox Studios to Driver Ave and then I turned back as I had reached half way in the time by this stage.
The run is almost 100% on grass, dirt and sand, with some hills so is not a fast run.

Got through 10.5ks in the 55 minutes. Average pace of 5:14 per klm.
Conditions were still warm 27 degrees with a strong 15knot North Easter blowing.

Goal now is to slowly increase my distance to get me a half decent Canberra Marathon time.
First step is Aust Day 8k Fun Run on Thursday.


Clairie said...

So Superflake...what exactly is a half decent Canberra marathon time for you???

miners said...

Ah, Saint Clairie beat me too it. What time are you aiming for down at Canberra?

Great to see some improvement through your program mate

Gronk said...

Well done in reaching the top of that mountain SF. Best of luck with the autumn running season.

KIT said...

See you Thursday! Ditto Clairie and Miners... we are nosy arn't we!