Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunburnt and Drunk

Well not exactly drunk but definitely sunburnt after a morning/afternoon of races,BBQ and beers at my surf club. We do save people honest!

Watched a bit of cricket when I got back from the club and then headed out for a run.
A light misty rain was falling which kept me nice and cool although still sunburnt.
Ran into Centennial Park and around the inside fence on the grass up to Oxford St and then along to Moore Park rd and then down to Fox Studios and back again.

The program was to run for 50 minutes. Got through 9.5ks in that time. Average pace of 5:15 per klm. Just did an easy pace on the grass without any leg hassles.


Jen_runs said...

Nice day 'Flake - but are you feeling ok? A day at the beach and no talent report ;-)

Gronk said...

Sounds like your sweet SF. Thats great news.