Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year and a Win

Small crowd in my surf club events this morning. Must be the hangovers?

The swell was quite good enabling a fast swim out the rip around the Buoys and then back in catching waves to the beach. Just cruised around the swim slowly.

The sand was that hot my feet were burning if I walked too slow. The grass and road were not much better.

Found during the week that I was even on points with my closest challenger in the run.
Was given an extra 5 seconds on my handicap to move me out to 50 after my 2nd last week. My rival who was third was given 5 more so he started off 65 seconds.

Small field today which I had caught most of by the rurnaround at Black Rock.
I reeled in the last one after about 50metres after the turn and then tried to keep myself in front. Timed it as 2:45. My quickest yet.
I did manage another win and my closest rival came 3rd so I am now ahead by 2 points.

From the five rounds I have competed in I have 3 wins and 2 seconds.
Beer buying was delayed until tomorrow due to the smaller crowd of competitors.
Another race tomorrow so I will try to go back to back.

Great way to start the year with a win. Gotta love it.


KIT said...

Hey good on you flake!!! A trifecta! What a good start to the year :-) You will be broke with all the beer buying ;-)

Tesso said...

Well done Flake! So the hot sand makes you move faster .... must give it a go :-)