Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Speed Session is back

Back by popular demand. Mostly from me.
On a very windy night with light misty rain falling I attempted my first reps of any kind since late July last year. That is a long time.

I set myself for 5 x 1k Reps along my usual course. That is the bike path that starts at the corner of Darley and Alison Rds and runs along Alison Rd through to Anzac Pde. All on tar with a few tree roots to dodge in one section. But no roads to cross.

Reps were 3:58, 3:57, 3:56, 3:55, 3:55. I had a 2 minute walk recovery between each rep. Right leg took a while to warmup and felt painful for the 1st two reps and then behaved itself.
I did a 1k warmup and cool down as well.

Very happy to get these anywhere near the 4min rep. I thought the first one would turnout as about 4:30, so was very surprised by the speed.

And as for those readers that were enquiring on what "a half decent marathon time" was.
Well the PB is 3:16:32 and I would like to do at least 3:20 to get a Boston Marathon qualifier for 2007 out of the way and do a PB of course would be nice.


Jen_runs said...

Go speedy gonzalez!

KIT said...

Great times!!! and that is with not a lot of speed training... well done!

The Muscle said...

Nice work on the 1k reps Superflake.

Luckylegs said...

What's this I read? Boston 2007? Oh please, can I come with you? I love that city - shame I can't do the qualifying time though!