Sunday, January 29, 2006

Airport Adventure STaR 20.2ks

My first STaR since late July started down at the Kogarah version of Bicentennial Park.
The run was basically a lot of running on bike paths and at the 10k mark I decided to cut the run short so would do only the 20ks.

We had a wrong turn near the start so we ended up covering more k's than I should have.
Leg felt ok during the run, but sweating buckets as it was so humid.

Ran with the Professor mostly, but we did have the company of the intrepid traveller Amjan.
I cut the run short at Captain Cook bridge and headed back on my own. Slightly boring coming back, but there was a long 2k stretch near to home which helped the legs.

Good to get out there and do a long run again. Ran 20.2ks in 1:46:09. Average pace of 5:15 per klm. So not too bad.


Jen_runs said...

Great news 'Flake. Glad to hear that the legs pulled up well !

Tesso said...

Always great to catch up with ya Flakey! Its been a great few days of running for you, so good to hear the leg felt okay with the 20 odd kms this morn.

See ya again soon. Hope the journey towards Canberra continues to go well for you.

Horrie said...

Glad you got through it one piece Flake. Good to see you take the sensible option of 20km as those of us who did the 30km melted in the last 5-6km.