Thursday, January 26, 2006

Surf Club Swim, Board Paddle and Run

After doing the race at Moore Park I roared up to my club on the Northern Beaches to do my races, getting there with 15 mins to go before the start.

The Swim was pretty short as it was dead low tide so lots of running across sand banks and then a short 100m swim out past the buoy, a short 50m swim down to the next and then catch a wave back in. The swell was quite big, 4-5 foot.

I then decided to do the board paddle which due to the swell meant waiting on the sand bank for a break in the waves and then a mad dash through the waves out around some buoys placed further out to sea and then a very quick paddle back in avoiding being dumped.

The run was a non event as due to the run in the morning I had no speed and made up a few places but not enough to get any extra points. The 1st 5 get extra points. I am now 4 pts clear with only 3 rounds to go. Also I met a lady at the club who is a Strider Catriona Cater. Small world.

Anyway my closest rival in the run and the leader in the overall was out in the Australia Day Surfboard challenge getting third place in the Masters division.
One of our other club members won the Old Malibu division again. I think 3rd time now?

Australia Day competition was finished off with a BBQ and a beer on the back lawn of one of our clubs. Gotta love it. Now for the cricket.


KIT said...

Great to see you yesterday! Well run and then to race again.... too much energy. Beer and cricket- no beter way to celebrate Australia day!

Luckylegs said...

How could you do all that, after the 8km fun run, which doesn't seem to have been much fun judging by comments on the message board; sure am glad I decided to stay in bed!

Horrie said...

Great return to racing yesterday Flake. I don't know how you can run that quick after not being able to train properly for months. Well done and thanks for Jack the Panther you gave to Tim. He has been sleeping with it the last couple of nights.