Monday, January 30, 2006

Recovery Run 10.2ks

Ran into Centennial Park with the sun setting low in the west and the birds returning to their nests for a nice sleep. They were interrupted by a horrible sound.
Some dodgy runner doing a recovery run on the grass. Me!

Seriously, I ran from home into Centennial Park and then ran around the grass close to the fence until I reached Fox Studios, I then turned around and ran back. The temp was still 27 degrees when I started and very windy from the north east.

Took nice and easy doing 10.2ks in 56:04. Average pace of 5:29 per klm. Very easy.
Tomorrow may be a rest day as I have heaps to do at work.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Airport Adventure STaR 20.2ks

My first STaR since late July started down at the Kogarah version of Bicentennial Park.
The run was basically a lot of running on bike paths and at the 10k mark I decided to cut the run short so would do only the 20ks.

We had a wrong turn near the start so we ended up covering more k's than I should have.
Leg felt ok during the run, but sweating buckets as it was so humid.

Ran with the Professor mostly, but we did have the company of the intrepid traveller Amjan.
I cut the run short at Captain Cook bridge and headed back on my own. Slightly boring coming back, but there was a long 2k stretch near to home which helped the legs.

Good to get out there and do a long run again. Ran 20.2ks in 1:46:09. Average pace of 5:15 per klm. So not too bad.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

CR 5K Challenge

My first trip around the bay running since Jan 2005. A that stage I ran 19:03 for the 5k which is still my PB as I have not run a 5k since.

This morning was very humid and it looked like I would be off on my own starting at 20 minutes until Colin turned up.
Took off ok chasing a big pack of about 10 at the 21 minute mark. Went through the 1st k in 3:50 still hanging with Colin. Managed to hold on close till about 2k mark before he gradually pulled away.
I just tried to maintain my form and keep the pace I was travelling at steady. The 3-4k was hard as we ran straight back into the North East breeze that had blown up.
I eventually managed to reel a few of the 21 minute group in and finished with a 20:10.

Pretty happy to get close to 4 minute ks. Can't expect a lot as I have no speed work in my legs at all.
Runners this morning included Tesso, Johnny Dark, Chunderbolt, Blue Dog, Don Juan, Andrew T, Luke Skyrunner, Boof, Firehorse, Wild Thing, sfGnome, Springer, Eagle, Colin and Paul Arthur.
Edit: And Kit!
I then ran back to the start in 29 mins. All up 10ks for the morning. Looks frightening for Lane Cove next week. Best learn to run like a Kenyan, no fear.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Surf Club Swim, Board Paddle and Run

After doing the race at Moore Park I roared up to my club on the Northern Beaches to do my races, getting there with 15 mins to go before the start.

The Swim was pretty short as it was dead low tide so lots of running across sand banks and then a short 100m swim out past the buoy, a short 50m swim down to the next and then catch a wave back in. The swell was quite big, 4-5 foot.

I then decided to do the board paddle which due to the swell meant waiting on the sand bank for a break in the waves and then a mad dash through the waves out around some buoys placed further out to sea and then a very quick paddle back in avoiding being dumped.

The run was a non event as due to the run in the morning I had no speed and made up a few places but not enough to get any extra points. The 1st 5 get extra points. I am now 4 pts clear with only 3 rounds to go. Also I met a lady at the club who is a Strider Catriona Cater. Small world.

Anyway my closest rival in the run and the leader in the overall was out in the Australia Day Surfboard challenge getting third place in the Masters division.
One of our other club members won the Old Malibu division again. I think 3rd time now?

Australia Day competition was finished off with a BBQ and a beer on the back lawn of one of our clubs. Gotta love it. Now for the cricket.

Australia Day Fun Run 8k at Moore Park

My first race since mid October last year. Slipped on the Magic Racer shoes which felt very light and headed over about 7:15 am for an 8 am start. Newly met Go Girl before the start. Plus Bernie G, Blue Dog, Tesso, Johnny Dark, Kit, the Owl.

The race was 2 and a half laps around Moore Park and became quite hard the last lap as there were many slow runners and walkers across the really narrow path. Lots of running on the grass in one section to avoid them.
I was hoping to do around the 4min k mark so a 32minute result would have been good.
Took off fast just to avoid the congestion and then trailed Blue Dog for the next 8ks.
I managed to muck up my stop watch at the start so I didn't get a time, as someone was also standing in front of the clock at the finish.
Edit: Finish time was 32:35. Not too bad as I have done no speedwork since July. The race was won by Jeremey Horne apparently.

Watched the 4k with Horrie running with his son Tim. Met 26 miles, Don Juan,Gronk, Belinda and Timinerko after the race. Charlie Low won the 4k after pulling out of the 8k.
There were also a few Striders/CR's there as well, Andrew T, Fats, Jenny Truscott, Darren Benson.

And an ambulance was needed for a Strider in the 8k who collapsed. Not sure of name, new one I think.

It is good to be back running races again and on Australia Day.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Light Jog 8ks

Ran over to Moore Park via Centennial Park to have a look at the course for the 8k tomorrow. Looks to be very tight going nth up Driver when they force you back onto the bike path.
A fast start looks to be the go so you don't get caught up behind a pack.

Ran tonight with it still a bit windy but the cloud was breaking up and I started to see blue sky before the sunset. Ran mostly on grass to give the legs a rest.

Ran 8.1ks in a time of 45:17. Average pace of 5:33 per klm.

See you all there. I have no time prediction for myself.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Speed Session is back

Back by popular demand. Mostly from me.
On a very windy night with light misty rain falling I attempted my first reps of any kind since late July last year. That is a long time.

I set myself for 5 x 1k Reps along my usual course. That is the bike path that starts at the corner of Darley and Alison Rds and runs along Alison Rd through to Anzac Pde. All on tar with a few tree roots to dodge in one section. But no roads to cross.

Reps were 3:58, 3:57, 3:56, 3:55, 3:55. I had a 2 minute walk recovery between each rep. Right leg took a while to warmup and felt painful for the 1st two reps and then behaved itself.
I did a 1k warmup and cool down as well.

Very happy to get these anywhere near the 4min rep. I thought the first one would turnout as about 4:30, so was very surprised by the speed.

And as for those readers that were enquiring on what "a half decent marathon time" was.
Well the PB is 3:16:32 and I would like to do at least 3:20 to get a Boston Marathon qualifier for 2007 out of the way and do a PB of course would be nice.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Run 55 Minutes

Today is the last day officially of the Pfitzinger program I started 7 weeks ago. Whilst it was a return to running program it can vary in length depending on how you feel. My left leg feels like it is back to normal, which was the original one that I hurt. The right leg on the other hand some days has no pain and on other days I wonder if I will run without pain again.

Enough crap. Ran late this afternoon around Centennial Park on the grass edge up to Queens Park and then up to Oxford St. Then along Oxford St and down to Fox Studios. Along Fox Studios to Driver Ave and then I turned back as I had reached half way in the time by this stage.
The run is almost 100% on grass, dirt and sand, with some hills so is not a fast run.

Got through 10.5ks in the 55 minutes. Average pace of 5:14 per klm.
Conditions were still warm 27 degrees with a strong 15knot North Easter blowing.

Goal now is to slowly increase my distance to get me a half decent Canberra Marathon time.
First step is Aust Day 8k Fun Run on Thursday.

Jack Carter Cup

Just the name of the event that my surf club held this morning.
It involves firstly a swim, a ski paddle, a run and then a board paddle.
The swim is about 1.5ks, the ski about 5ks, the run maybe 3ks and then the board paddle about 4ks.
The recognised winner is the first across the line doing it solo, but you are allowed to enter teams.

They decided to start the teams about 5 mins after the solo competitors went.
My teams swimmer still managed to come out of the water 5th overall. The ski paddler did his leg and we still had not gained much ground. Probably further back. Starting the run I had about 300m to catch the guy in 4th overall. I caught him with about 500m left of my run and then passed to our board paddler.
The board paddler chased and caught the 3rd place paddler and we ended up finishing as the 1st team and 3rd overall. The awards for us as the 1st team were fluffy toys. I'll take any trophy thanks. It was a black Panther. Cool!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Rest Day again

Had to work this morning. And all I did this afternoon since it was a hot 28 degrees here was buy some new running shoes.

I have bought some racing flats. A pair of Asics Gel Magic Racers.

Will probably only use them for races up to 10ks and to do Speed Sessions in them.
Very light shoes. They are not in go fast colours which is disappointing. Predominantly white.

I have a race on the sand early tomorrow morning as part of a team. The race involves about a 2k swim, a 5k Ski paddle, a 4k(?) run and then a 4k board paddle.
I'm doing the running part of course which involves going along a sandy track first and the up over a sand hill before running back along the beach to tag the board paddler. The trophy is actually only for the people who do it solo. But the first three teams get recognition for their efforts.
We should do ok with one of the best swimmers and board paddlers in our club in the team. Not sure of the ski paddler and just me running. Plus I do have to run for 55 minutes tomorrow as well.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Run 35 Minutes Easy

Ran into Centennial Park around the grass inside the fence.

Very windy tonight. The program was to run for 35 minutes.
Ended up getting through 6.45ks in that time. Average pace of 5:25 per klm.

Didn't push very hard at all. With the surface being grass and some sand and dodging tree roots it was pretty hard to go really fast anyway.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rest Day

Made today the rest day instead of Friday.

Going out to watch the National Series Track meet at Homebush tonight.

Plenty of Striders and CR's running. The main title of the night is the NSW 5000m.

My guess is Scott Westcott and Kerryn McCann to win each title.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tempo Run

Around Centennial Park again. Just beating a shower that started to fall as I finished.

The program was to do a 15 minute warmup first. Managed to get through 2.8ks in the 15 minutes. Average pace of 5:21 per klm.

I then had to do 20 minutes @ 15klm pace. Tried to run it at 4 min per klm pace.

Got through 4.8ks in the 20 minutes. Average pace of 4:10 per klm.

Almost made the goal pace. The strong southerly wind this afternoon didn't help trying to run the pace.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Run 35 mins

Horrie asked me today what time I might be capable of on Australia Day. Today I might have answered him.

I ran into Centennial Park tonight in some really oppressive humidity. The showers with the Southerly had not arrived as yet. Saw Vat_Man and Mohammad doing their training with Long Arms group.

The program was to run for 35 minutes and it would be safe to say the last 10 minutes was really a struggle. I managed to get through exactly 8ks in the time allowed. Average pace of 4:22 per klm.

On Australia Day I am sure I will run quicker for the 8k but am unsure how much I can push in 9 days.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunburnt and Drunk

Well not exactly drunk but definitely sunburnt after a morning/afternoon of races,BBQ and beers at my surf club. We do save people honest!

Watched a bit of cricket when I got back from the club and then headed out for a run.
A light misty rain was falling which kept me nice and cool although still sunburnt.
Ran into Centennial Park and around the inside fence on the grass up to Oxford St and then along to Moore Park rd and then down to Fox Studios and back again.

The program was to run for 50 minutes. Got through 9.5ks in that time. Average pace of 5:15 per klm. Just did an easy pace on the grass without any leg hassles.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Easy Run-30 Minutes

A late run into Centennial Park tonight. High humidity and a strong breeze were not ideal conditions. Decided to run around the grass for all of this run. Basically just taking it easy and having a jog.

The program was for 30 minutes. Managed to get through 5.52klms in that time. I said I took it easy. Average pace of 5:26 per klm.

Tomorrow is 50 minutes. Plus I have my surf clubs Special Events/Club Photo/BBQ and beers day. Always very ugly at the end, especially when the boat races start.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Run 40mins + 6x100m Strideouts

24 degrees and 75% humidity greeted me when I started this session.

Ran into Centennial Park and ran around the tar running track. Not many people in the park tonight, plus the usual crowd headed for Moonlight Cinema.

Ran 8.72klms in the 40 minutes. Right leg hurt a bit tonight, but not too much.

Finished up close to Mackay Oval the Sydney High School's sports ground. Looked for the magic marks on the fence left by a certain CR Long Arms.
Ran the 2 of the 100 metre strideouts per lap with a 100 metre float between each one. The oval is about 425m just inside the fence.

Finished up with a cool down jog home of about 1k but didn't time it.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bike 11ks

Back to the gym again. Very crowded in the gym tonight. Maybe because I was there about 6:30pm instead of the usual 7.

Set the bike on the random hills setting again. Hard work on my thighs tonight up the hills.

Managed to make it through 11.15ks in the 22 minutes. Average heart rate of 138BPM with a max of 162BPM. Nearly fell off the bike when I finished and had trouble walking for a while my arse hurt so much. Now I know why the bike riders wear padded shorts. Ouch!

The pool was too crowded as well so just skipped that bit and went home.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Run 45 Minutes

A very, very humid night of 26 degrees when I started and 80% humidity plus a really strong 20knot southerly blowing.
Ran into Centennial Park with a darkening cloud and rain beginning to fall.

The program tonight was for 45 minutes. Due to crap conditions, mostly from the wind I only got through 9.8klms. I was hoping at least to get to 10ks.

In the last 10 minutes I was absolutely drenched by the rain. Quite hard to run in when it became really heavy.

Anyway back to the gym/pool tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New York Marathon Champ

Well it is not everyday you meet the New York Marathon Champ.
While doing my training tonight I met Todd Philpott the reining New York Marathon Handcycle champion. He is hoping to do Boston, Chicago and New York this year and Beijing in 2008.

The program tonight was 30 minutes and I was greeted with a very warm and humid night with a 20-30k North Easterly wind. Crap conditions to run in.
I managed to get through 6.74 klms in the 30 minutes scheduled. Average pace of 4:27 per klm.
Felt pretty comfortable even with the bad conditions.

Edit: Forgot to mention. I had just stopped for a drink while running around the road track in Centennial Park and Todd had just finished his session I think. So I just walked over and said Hello. Nice bloke. I have seen him a lot in the last couple of years but he was always rolling around the road when I saw him.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Tempo Run

A very humid (71%) 26 degrees tonight greeted me as I started.

The program was to do a 15 minute warmup and then run 15 minutes @ 15klm race pace.
No word of how fast the warmup was to be or how quick my race pace now is after injury.

Ran 2.72ks in the 15 minutes of the warmup. Average pace of 5:30 per klm.

I then tried to run the 15 minutes at 4 minute per k pace. Didn't quite get there. Got through 3.54klms in the 15 minutes. Average pace of 4:14 per klm.

I then did a 10 minute cool down jog covering 1.7ks in that time.

The legs liked travelling much better at this pace than they did doing those 100m strideouts last week. That's good just have to get the lungs to agree.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

2k Roughwater Swim North Bondi

The forecast showers this morning did not eventuate so it was on with the suntan cream on face and shoulders for this swim.
Apparently there was to be about 600 starters. Did not look like it to me. They started us off in wave starts of each age group with a 3 minute gap in between.

The swim starts at Nth Bondi right next to the rocks and uses fully the rip as you go straight on it about 350m to the first buoy. Losing my goggles in the way. I'm sure they are near the rocks somewhere. Made for a fast start as the tide was dead low and I was able to run quick across the sand bank.
After that it was a big 2m swell as we rode the waves down to a buoy about half way and then out to a buoy off Ben Buckler fighting bluebottles on the way. We then turned towards the Icebergs club fighting the cross swell and then turned back North to swim the last 600m back into the swell which was great fun.
We then turned for the beach and I was able to catch a wave in.
Time was nothing to write home about as I really need practice. Safe to say that I didn't trouble the scorers.
A good morning swim the water was fantastic and the money goes to the surf club so I'm happy.

Edit: Apparently there were 30 people pulled from the water on Sunday at Bondi due to bad rips. They should have been out the back where I was swimming. They don't call it the Roughwater swim for fun.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Run 40 minutes

A late afternoon run in windy and humid conditions.
I ran around the outside fence of Centennial Park on the grass.
Had a sun shower during the run which only lasted a couple of minutes. Quite refreshing but then very humid straight after.

Ran 7.92ks in the 40 minutes of the program. Pretty slow run due to running on the grass and having to avoid tree roots etc around the park.

Roughwater 2k Ocean Swim tomorrow at Nth Bondi. Should be fun.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Run 30 mins

A wild and Woolly night greeted me in Centennial Park. Between thoughts of a cold southerly rain or a warm northerly thunderstorm I headed out for a run.

Lots of niggles in the legs tonight, especially the right thigh and shin. Didn't last too long just slowed me down during the run.

Ran 6.13 ks in the 30 minutes of the program. Not worried about speed at the moment, just about getting some sort of base back for Canberra Marathon.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Run 30 mins + 6x100m Strideouts

A fantastic night to run. A very empty Centennial Park with the bats coming home and water all around, and the occasional runner passing by and a light drizzle falling. Sensational!

Ran 6.21ks in the 30 minutes. Felt very easy moving tonight.

Forgot to read up on what a 'Strideout' was supposed to be. So basically sprinted for 100m and then stopped.
I got through the 6x100m in 2:00. Which I guess means average of 20 seconds per 100m.

Must read up on what you are to do when doing them.

Legs felt a bit sore after doing the Strideouts but are ok now.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2006 Goals

The purpose toward which an endeavour is directed; an objective.

Hard to work out what I wanted for 2006 as the second half of 2005 knocked me about with the two stress fractures.
It really meant I had to decide if I wanted to have a crack at Canberra Marathon as a time goal or lower my sights and finish with a time that I would be happy with.
Can't hide now since I have a blog so it is all out there anyway.
These are in no particular order or preference just goals.

1. Sub 3hr Marathon at Canberra if not just PB it which would be under 3:16:32 and qualify for Boston Marathon(under 3:20 for age at start 2007).
2. Sub 4min per k Marathon at the Gold Coast.
3. Sub 4 min per k Half Marathon (current PB of 87:16).
4. Sub 38 min 10k. (current PB of 39:11).
5. Sub 18 min 5k (current PB of 19:03).
6. Win one of my Surf Clubs trophies. March 5th is deadline.
7. Yet again Sub 55 min City to Surf.
8. Fitzroy Falls Marathon on the road to the Dark side that is Six Foot 2007 and that has it's own blog.
9. Run Cross Country for the Striders during winter. I'm assured more slow old buggers are needed. haha.
10. Run for fun because there is nothing else.

I would say most of these goals are achieveable. The 4min/k Marathon is definitely the hardest but you need at least one goal that is way out there.

Rest Day

Couldn't get into the car park at the SCG so just decided to forget the gym and have a day off.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Run 35 mins

A humid and windy day greeted me as I started this session.
Ran into Centennial Park and I must say the talent was quite good tonight.

Ran past Vat and Bright Shoes doing sessions with Sean Williams squad.

Got through 7.13ks in the 35 minutes. Tried to push this session a bit faster than the 5 mins per klm. Seemed to work ok, didn't trouble me too much to go faster.

Stay tuned as program changes a fair bit on Thursday.

I get to run three days in a row starting Thursday. Woohoo.

And for punishment on my non-running day I will try and do the 2k Roughwater Swim at Bondi on Sunday. Hopefully the swell will go down from the current 3.0m levels.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Run 30 mins

The program was to run for 30 minutes.

Did this after getting back from my surf club and having a lunch of beers and a barbie.

Ran into Centennial Park this afternoon. Very humid and about 23 degrees.

Got through exactly 6ks in the 30 minutes. So much for good pacing.

Surf Club Swim and Run

Decidely different conditions from Sunday. A pretty big swell coming onto the beach made for a very choppy swim. Swim was not too long in wet humid conditions. Still need a lot of practice or is just that I'm trying to get a better handicap?

As the tide was high and the swell big the hard sand conditions from Sunday had changed a faie bit as the waves were constantly washing over our feet as we ran to Black Rock and back.

After my win yesterday I had been given a bigger handicap so was now off 60 seconds with my nearest rival in the comp off 65 seconds.
A couple were off a dubious scratch handicap which gave me no hope of catching them. In the end I did get third with the two off scratch getting 1st and 2nd. My rival came in 4th which means after the weekend I am now 3 points ahead in the run after 8 rounds and only four rounds to go for the season. Timed the run as 2:49. Which was pretty fast with the soft wet sand we had today.
Next race is Australia Day which will mean a run in the OZ Day fun run and then up to my surf club straight after.

BBQ was on afterwards which I had to buy beers for as I won yesterday. BBQ and beers and a surf movie tonight. It's all good mate!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year and a Win

Small crowd in my surf club events this morning. Must be the hangovers?

The swell was quite good enabling a fast swim out the rip around the Buoys and then back in catching waves to the beach. Just cruised around the swim slowly.

The sand was that hot my feet were burning if I walked too slow. The grass and road were not much better.

Found during the week that I was even on points with my closest challenger in the run.
Was given an extra 5 seconds on my handicap to move me out to 50 after my 2nd last week. My rival who was third was given 5 more so he started off 65 seconds.

Small field today which I had caught most of by the rurnaround at Black Rock.
I reeled in the last one after about 50metres after the turn and then tried to keep myself in front. Timed it as 2:45. My quickest yet.
I did manage another win and my closest rival came 3rd so I am now ahead by 2 points.

From the five rounds I have competed in I have 3 wins and 2 seconds.
Beer buying was delayed until tomorrow due to the smaller crowd of competitors.
Another race tomorrow so I will try to go back to back.

Great way to start the year with a win. Gotta love it.